• Telecommunication

a Empower enterprises to deliver Agile Customer Experiences
a Integrate diverse information systems effectively to improve service offerings
a Manage, Share and Reuse information from a single source

FineDocs provides End-to-End Solutions for Telecom Industry help you achieve desired growth in service excellence transforming your telecom operations into a Flexible, Cost-effective, Agile system increasing the efficiency of your business processes.

The Challenges

a Managing and storing Physical Customer Application Forms (CAFs) along with the supporting documents
a Organizations with distributed geographical locations use multiple systems to store unstructured content, lead to duplication of content and difficult to share across enterprises
a The forms and documents are in paper form, leading to document damage after a certain timeframe or get damaged because of natural calamities
a On Demand retrieval of any CAF from record room is a tedious task and sometimes takes a day or two to search a single CAF, delaying the whole processes and hampers the customer records management cycle
a Manual and Paper-based Process is expensive and time consuming leads to low productivity and compliance risks.

Customer Application Form (CAF) Processing:

FineDocs Distributed Capture Solution helps you automate the complete CAF management process across location, creating a centralized repository of all CAFs with proper access control and easy retrieval along with the Secured access points. It facilitates the organization to Scan, Index, Quality Control and Upload the CAFs to Central server in a standardized process based on the organization policy.

Order Management Solution:

Solution has been developed with FineFlow BPM to integrate order management systems to make it easier to create, maintain and reuse business processes as well as deliver more agile and advanced telecommunications services.

Customer Query Response System:

Acyutah’s Solution for Customer Query Resolution is powered by FineFlow BPM integrated with FineDocs DMS integrated with Core system allows the organization to work collaboratively on the Customer Queries and resolve them with minimum turnaround times.

EPOS (Electronic Point of Sales) Integration :

Acyutah's Image enabling Solution integrates EPOS system with the FineDocs ECM using standard API/Web Service connectors to enable an instant activation of connections along with retrieval of Files / Documents of Subscriber and the online access to the system.


a Accelerate document search and accessibility
a Complete automation of work, improved operational performance eliminating redundant tasks
a Resolve queries and provide information more quickly, comprehensively and accurately strengthening customer loyalty
a Reduce operational cost and gain a competitive edge by means of a faster time to market
a Improve employee productivity with anytime, anywhere access to the system with shared and reused content across locations/branches
a Enhance Customer experience through timely and cost-effective services to customer.
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