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Cloud Computing has become a buzz today. With the changing market needs Industries are looking for process optimization and modernization to run the business better.
FineDocs extends its Hardware and Software Infrastructure through the very revolutionary and innovative concept called SaaS (Software as a Service). You are small or medium size enterprise and do not want the upfront IT investment, Well!  Leverage Cloud Computing technologies and connect to FineDocs Cloud with no infrastructure costs and deployment complexity while providing enterprise-class security. FineDocs Cloud is an always updated, fully featured Enterprise FineDocs Product Suite on a highly scalable and secured platform. It is easy to adopt and expand with low start-up and operating costs that make it a cost effective, efficient and lucrative solution.


FineDocs in the Cloud

You can take advantage of Acyutah's Investment in the Infrastructure in terms of security, scalability, availability or software upgrades. There are compelling reasons to go for the cloud based ECM Solution. With our Pay-per-use Pricing model you can simply add on users as your business grows. Reduce your IT burden and focus on enhancing your business productivity and operational efficiencies creating an innovative business environment.

Manage Content

FineDocs in the cloud is a full featured Enterprise Content Management Solution in its own environment provided as Software as a Service (FineSaaS). What you interface is a composite FineDocs environment accessible from any location, any time, on any device just through a web browser.

It enables daily solution users with all the standard and modern DMS components used for efficiently managing the documents and content across the enterprise environment.

Access Securely

FineDocs in the Cloud is secure and one of the toughest nuts to crack. Enterprise-class security with secure multi-tenancy and integrated backup and recovery, Granular Level Access Rights protects your enterprise data, safe-guards Trade Secrets, Legal documents, Profit-Loss Figures among more others.

a Secure solution within the confines of the Firewall, SSL/HTTPs along with Data and Password Encryption
a Granular and Highly Secured Access Rights
a Session Timeout Enforcement
a Password Aging


FineDocs has been designed to be collaborative. It enables the Users with Intelligent Coordination of People, Tasks and Information. It makes the Work-Process more effective, efficient and adaptable to change.

FineDocs in the cloud provides a secure platform empowering users with on demand services and collaboration through Email, Chat and Dashboard.

FineDocs in the cloud also provides a secure extranet collaboration empowers users with excellent collaboration abilities to share the documents and content securely with people outside your organization.


FineDocs Provides a Sync Add-on, a quick and easy Synchronization Client of FineDocs Cloud. It instantly synchronizes content from on premise to the cloud ensuring that users always have the latest version of documents.

Enabling greater agility with today's "Bring your own device (BYOD)" world with full IT Control ensuring the security and compliance of information.

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