• Scanning & Digitization

Scanning & Digitization

Our Scanning & Digitization Partners are experts and it is always a great decision to engage experts to task. We have been scanning and digitizing for quite long time and we know all the possible road blocks that can stall happily started scanning projects. At Acyutah we hive experts. When we come to you we rid you of all your worries related to the huge mass of your paper documents providing end-to-end services, leading to a lower Total Cost of Ownership


FineScan and Distributed Capture Solution are industry leading Scanning and Capturing Solution from FineDocs Product Suite. We have been handling papers in any size, mass or dimension which ranges from the A4 size Office-Documents to a Large Size Engineering Drawing. Our Products and Solution is compatible with Industry-Standard Scanning Hardware which means we can finish millions or trillions of Documents in matter of couple of Days. The greatest Advantage you avail when you call us is that you get into relations with a Complete ECM Solution provider. Therefore whenever your requirements scale high we have Solution and Services for you. You will get the Service in zero turn-around time.


What We Deliver

a  Bulk and Batch Scanning

a  Supports A4 to large size Engineering Drawing

a  Efficient Quality Checking Tools

a  Paper to Editable Digital Document

a  Optical character recognition / Intelligent character reader (OCR/ICR)

a  Reduce Duplicate Document

a  Fast with Industry-Standard Scanners

a  Manual/Automatic Indexing of Documents

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