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FineDocs SAP connector offers a Certified Solution for document archiving with SAP to extend the value of your investment. Integrated seamlessly with your SAP system, FineDocs enhance your system with full content management capabilities, allowing you to store and retrieve documents directly from your SAP application. With the SAP ArchiveLink interface, certified by SAP AG , SAP users can access their business critical documents efficiently from the centralized repository.


FineDocs SAP Connector

Organizations need to optimize their investment in SAP by reducing costs and improving efficiency. FineDocs archival and storage capabilities work seamlessly with SAP system, archiving documents efficiently and cost-effectively enables lowering IT costs and control regulation and litigation.

SAP ArchiveLink provides interface between SAP components and external components to link external storage system to SAP System. ArchiveLink is implemented in SAP as a common set of functions (function modules), which is configured in the SAP R/3 application components. FineDocs, as an external content repository, archives all SAP unstructured data - from documents to emails to images, reports through BC-AL HTTP Content Server 6.20 certified interface, enabling users to manage the SAP-related documents and information.

Key Features

a Automated storage and management of incoming documents e.g. letters, faxes invoices, purchase orders in FineDocs based on SAP Business Workflow
a SAP transactions can link and store incoming documents in FineDocs using Barcodes
a Archive Outgoing documents generated from SAP and sent to the customer and linked with SAP business transactions.
a Store Print Lists (reports) directly from SAP modules to FineDocs for later revision
a Manage Data Archiving (ADK)
a Search for metadata attached with the document and retrieve stored documents directly from SAP modules.
a Users across the enterprise have access the centralized SAP archives
a Retention can be applied to all archived SAP content. Based on Retention Policy associated with the repository the documents will get offline from the system.
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