• Manufacturing

a Streamline business processes and increase efficiency
a Reduce operational cost
a Achieve compliance
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FineDocs Enterprise Content Management Solution help Manufacturing industry to optimize operations and business processes while reducing costs and improving compliance. FineDocs Document Management solution enables capturing, managing, delivering, and archiving large volumes of documents and content and facilitates the organization to create and manage an enterprise-wide knowledge / Information repository with full compliance.

The Challenges

The manufacturing Industry faces numerous challenges as it seeks to improve profitability, reduce manufacturing process complexity, and ensures better forecasting to remain competitive. Customers and partners require strict adherence to ISO quality standards, while finance departments expect cost reductions and improved compliance with corporate governance standards. Leading manufacturers, contractors, and other firms realize that meeting these challenges require enterprise quality management systems that can be easily integrated into their operations, and which provide the flexibility to meet constant changes.

FineDocs Enterprise Content Management

FineDocs ECM Solution helps in automating the complete processes in the Quality Department with the help of FineDocs end-to-end process solution with a comprehensive document management system. The solution can provide the entire gamut of services from scanning of manufacturing and quality documents indexing to final storage managing the entire lifecycle of documents.

FineDocs also provides flexible APIs/Web Services to integrate ERP, SAP system and link to the external documents like Purchase order, vendor challan, Testing Certificates, Goods Receipt Report, etc. FineDocs Image-enabling feature enables an integrated unified interface to enhance collaboration and operational efficiency.


a Streamlined operations through process automation
a Improved Efficiency and accuracy – Facilitates to retrieve the information from millions of documents within seconds
a Reduced storage and operational cost
a Improved Compliance with Secured and fast access to appropriate
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