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a Streamline business processes and enhance productivity
a Ensure content security and regulatory compliance
a Reduce storage cost and risk
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FineDocs ECM, a secure and scalable Enterprise Content Management System allows the attorney, solicitor or barrister and their support staff, effective access to case information and create a collaborative environment for the other parties as well such as a litigation team, client, and the opposing counsel who may also need to participate in legal processes and hence improves operational efficiency, reduces costs and streamlines business processes.

The Challenges

a Manual processes leads to unexpected delays, errors and hence low productivity in legal organizations
a Much of the work in legal firms is document focused and they are lacking the ability to manage the unstructured content, leading to increased cost, inefficiency and increased compliance risk
a Globally stringent anti-money laundering legislation and financial reporting requirements are making regulatory compliance increasingly complex and demanding for organizations. Coupled with this trend of tightening regulatory environment is the drive for greater transparency which is compelling organizations to take a more strategic approach to document management. These trends are increasing the pressure on legal practices to become more organized with their client’s data.

FineDocs Legal Content Management

Effective electronic document management is recognized as a critical part of compliance with regulatory requirements both from a records management perspective as well from a security and traceability standpoint. FineDocs enables legal setups improve productivity and efficiency by providing a comprehensive Document Management and Business Process Solution which automates the workflow of Case filing and other legal processes along with core document management and record management capabilities.
Legal firms deal with a multitude of different document types including various types of contracts, pleadings, case notes, matter related documents etc. FineDocs is well capable of to capture each type of document, index them with the accompanying metadata for easy and fast retrieval.


a Multi-tier security with Case Files, matter documents and other legal content in cabinet-level, folder-level and document-level to protect confidential information
a Lawyers now able to access legal content from anywhere, anytime
a Fully auotmated Case management process and other legal process increases efficiency and productivity
a Reduces upfront and running costs and improve service delivery.
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