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Content Management
a Streamline business processes and elevated productivity
a Ensure better customer service
a Reduce storage cost

FineDocs ECM, a secure and scalable Enterprise Content Management System helps Hotel industries manage all the information effectively, making it available anyhere at anytime, with streamlined processes, promoting efficiency while ensuring the security and accuracy necessary to conduct everyday business and hence, increasing the ability to provide better customer service.

FineDocs Enterprise Content Management

In the hospitality industry, your ultimate objective is to maintain the highest level of customer service. To do so, you need the ability to quickly and easily manage incoming invoices, payments, resumes, customer comment cards, as well as answer daily inquiries from multiple sites. FineDocs ECM Solution facilitates immediate access to vital content shared between multiple locations and departments, such as:

a Customer service
a Accounting
a Reservations
a Human Resources
a Internals Departments

The solution is also flexible to integrate Hotel's other legacy applications such as CRM, ERP, human resources software, leveraging the existing investment in technology.


a Improved Efficiency – Facilitates to retrieve the information you require even from millions of documents within seconds
a Saves Time, Document Storage & Duplication Cost - File cabinets are converted into electronic storage. The elimination of the cabinets offers better utilization of assets without expending funds to expand the office environment
a Streamlined operations through process automation
a Security & Compliance - Ensured a secured access with multi-level access rights and an Audit Trail to track all actions.
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