• Whitehall Filing System

FILEVIEW - Whitehall Filing System
a Replicated Whitehall File movement to online FileView
a Automated process for better decision-making
a An e-Governance Initiative

The British Colonial Raj followed a strict hierarchical structure in their offices for file movement. A file was moved from the lowest to the higher officials, from the peons to clerks, to babus, to the highest official, helping them to arrive at any decision on a certain issue, as the officials in each hierarchy put their comments and sent the files. As this process was not properly organized, gradually a better system evolved for commenting and noting the necessary changes to be done on a document. The left side of the documents was used for attaching chits or tags with comments/notes. Much later, Lord Whitehall understood the importance of following a methodology in filing and introduced a formal methodology of filing and that’s how the system of filing got its name. After Independence the system is still followed and considered as convenient.

The Challenges

a Process of filing, retrieving and circulating to different departments for their comments and approvals is time consuming
a Tracking the file for its latest status and working collaboratively on a file is difficult
a Security issue and Lost information - Risks of unauthorized access to the common storage area
a The volume of documents from the various sources makes it difficult to access the right document at right time
a Archival and retrieval of documents is time consuming.
Featured Solution

FileView (Whitehall) Filing System: Collation of all related documents into a virtual "File" available in a composite view with the Document Viewer and Note sheet

Automated process takes minimal time of filing, archiving and retrieving documents. As documents are accessible online, circulating them to different departments for their comments and approvals is not difficult

Multi-level access rights ensure secured access on files, documents and notes.


a Single click access to right Files / Documents / Notes anytime, anywhere
a Faster movement of documents for approval, as the entire process now takes only hours
a Management of documents from diverse sources and traceability is easier
a Collaborative Working – Manage File by different departments internally and externally.
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