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a Enhance business efficiency
a Ensure compliance with record management policy
a Multi-level Security of records
Research & Development

FineDocs, a robust, yet easy to use Enterprise Content Management Solution suite is built on the scalable and secure platform. The state of art technology comes with an integrated scanning, document management, business process workflow and form processing software enabling enterprises to digitize documents and automate manual processes, thus adding agility and flexibility for quick decision making on ever-changing market dynamics. The document management solution along with workflow helps automate business processes that are not well documented and executed in an ad-hoc manner. Organizations benefit from reduced operational costs and improved productivity by regularizing the exchange of critical business documents between customers, business partners, and suppliers. This comprehensive solution manages documents throughout their lifecycle as per business rules.

The Challenges

a Student Records are maintained for decades. Institutes need to maintain the record for the student's lifetime that leads to costly storage and disaster recovery problems
a Mass storage of journals, Clippings and other physical documents in the warehouse occupy huge office space
a Maintaining and Finding the documents related to Student Admission, examination and reports is a tedious job
a As the process demands, Student records need to pass through various departments such as Registrar Office, Alumni Office, Finance Department, Academic Advisement, etc. Manual process leads to low productivity and operational delay
a Application forms processing for examination requires manual data entry job.

FineDocs Enterprise Content Management

FineDocs is most suited to the Education industry and can establish under and educational institutes plans. With a push towards a Paperless environment FineDocs is tied to play a crucial role in the Information Technology sector. With record management compliance and business process automation FineDocs Enterprise Content Management help Education industry reduce operational cost and maximize its efficiency.


a Fast and easy tracking of the student's document lifecycle
a Data from the application forms can be directly captured and stored in the records elminating manual data entry process and hence, authenticity of the record is maintained
a torage space converted into digital archive, hence storage space and cost reduced
a Admit Cards information, Roll list etc. are stored in the central repository and can be fetched from anywhere, anytime
a Secured storage and multi-tier access rights on confidential information such as Exam reports, etc.
a A complete activity log with Audit Trails for regulatory compliance.
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