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FineDocs is an Advanced, Robust, Scalable and Use-Easy ECM Platform that enables organizations to derive full value from the available content, information and knowledge. FineDocs presents an excellent ECM experience with a complete range of ECM Products, Tools and Technologies that spans with number of ECM Components, Plug-ins and Modules.

Reach Informed and Stable Decisions with FineDocs ECM

FineDocs is a complete ECM Platform and not merely a Product Suite. It is the conjoining of Concept, Solution, Tools, Technologies, Methods, Strategies and Yes! A Committment to excellence in Document, Content, Information and Business Process Management.
Stakeholder! What is there for you ?
When your role is to make decisions you require correct and authentic information without losing time. ECM (Enterprise Content Management) and BPM ( Business Process Management) has not only become an infrastructure requirement today, but is a true-value investment for modern organizations.

Capture, Classify & Structure

Information Management starts with capturing the content and converting them into active information that can respond to your search and be available to ensure an informed decision making. FineDocs automates the content creation and content acquisition process with enterprise class Products, Tools and Technologies which has smoother integration capabilties and has a flexibility of distributed and multi-geography synchronization.

Store & Secure

Experience the magic of elctronic storage that separates Files from its indexing. Few computer servers, occupying even fewer sqaure feet of your IT Department, will have the capacity to store trillions of files. This will result in reduce reality support for multiple databases making it an even more sought after solution. Granular Security levels make FineDocs ECM the toughest nut to crack.


With FineDocs ECM suite your organization will collaborate and co-ordinate on Documents, Content, People and Processes through the collaborating abilities inherent with the FineDocs ECM Platform. As a decision maker and risk owner you will arrive at factored and informed decisions, expeditiously. Competition without the ECM tool would still be struggling to come up with the desision.

Compliance & Regulation

Governments world over, are ensuring that compliances and regulations are met as prescribed adherence to Compliance and Regulations saves you from litigation and embarrassment. Enabled with advanced Taxonomy, Classifications, Versioning Capabilities, Record Management and Retention Rules the System can ensure that it never fails stringent tests of Compliance, Regulation, Security, Risk Management, Business Continuity and Fast Solution Delivery that ensures complete Customer Satisfaction.

A Green World with FineDocs

The World is in transition and making strides to stay green and save the planet for the coming generations. The greatest difference that Organization can make in this global quest is to move towards a paperless environment - whilst at the same time improving efficiency.
Going paperless is easier said than done. What has stopped most of the organizations from going totally paperless? It is definitely not the resources; also not the lack of solutions but lack of awareness about a good solution that can meet the need.
FineDocs ECM Solution is changing the way Organizations manage Document, Content, Information and the Business Processes. We take you on a journey that is envisaged through the utilization of FineDocs. The experience and acceleration that you stand to porpagate when you go ECM, when you go FineDocs.

Solution for Industries

We Build Solution for Industries and Government Organizations world over. We have constructed our Product Suite and Solutions based on the very theory that guides the whole ECM Industry. The theory states a very basic concept that ECM is set of tools and technologies and not a single Product. We have known it from the very beginning that different organizations have different requirements and not a single size fits them all.
This is why Acyutah has researched and constructed FineDocs Product Suite and Solution in such a way that It bends, it scales and more importantly it listens to us when we are devising solutions for you. Our ECM Products are Modular, Agile and Ductile. FineDocs Product Suite and Solution has all the Features a good ECM Solution can have on this planet.
Experience accumulated over years from our business relations helps us devise great Solutions for you. Our Solution-Squad is always ready to help you with the Solution for your Industry and specific Requirements. Why don't you give them a call!


Industry Solutions

We have been working closely with Industries along with Public Sector organizations and create brilliant Solution for them. Our Solution and Experience spans various Industries and Verticals. We have depth experience and expertise delivering high value solutions that help industries achieve the business goals and reshape organizations. Call our Solution Squad to have you demonstration on how we build Solution for different Industries.



FineDocs comes from Acyutah Technologies which is a complete Software Solutions company having its business relations with multiple other industries and domains. This works to our customer's advantage. Experience accumulated over years from our business relations helps us devise great Solutions for you.
Welcome to the FineDocs ECM Resource Library. Browse this extensive collection of downloadable case studies, white papers and collaterals for information specific to your needs.

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