• DAK Management

DAK Management System
a Empower information access through a single scalable repository
a Enhanced content security and integrity
a Automated process for better decision-making

In Government organizations, Dak/Mail Management System comprises of all incoming and outgoing correspondance with all the relevant control information i.e. Letters, Memos, Emails, FAX, etc. The process starts from the receiving of daily DAK, managing them and sending them to concerned person after making the necessary entries for the same, likewise receiving the DAK from department officers, managing them and finally dispatched them to the concerned person after making all the entries of the same.

The Challenges

a Managing large no. of physical correspondance not easy. Retrieval of appropriate information whenever required is a manual and time consuming process leads to inefficienies and operational delay in decision making
a Physical storage of Mails and documents and inefficient tracking leads to high storage and duplication Cost
a Manual processing of DAK / Mail is extremely time consuming, with a high dependency of large number of staff for filing and transferring DAK across department which makes the whole process inefficient and a costly affair
a Security issue and Lost information - Risks of unauthorized access to the documents information

FineDocs Electronic DAK / File Management System enables organizations monitor and track all kind of transaction of DAK (mails) and supporting documents effectively. The system is able to handle all types of Incoming and Outgoing correspondences and has in-built configurable access control and suitable security measures, which is the most crucial requirement of any Government organization.

The Solution has been developed in a manner that it can be customized for use of any Government office facilitating an efficient monitoring and tracking of DAK (mails) along with all supporting Documents. The System enables organizations - To monitor the movement of all incoming DAK (mails) / documents in every step from the point of receipt to the point of disposal - To assign responsibility of each and every DAK (mails) / documents to concerned personnel / agency / organization in a desired task mail route - To quantify the job and to monitor the number of DAK (mails) / documents disposed off by the concerned agency - To prioritise incoming DAK (mails) / documents and to ensure that they are disposed off within a predefined time limit.


a Improved Information Access: quick and easy access to the information
a Automated Business Process: fast and effective collaboration across departments
a Ensure Integrity of the content by secured authorized access to the relevant information
a Tracking and tracing incoming and outgoing DAK using Barcode technology and Audit Trail
a Automate retention and disposition of physical and electronic information.
a Increased Employee Productivity: Manage all types of correspondance through a Web browser ensures increased productivity.
a Improved decision-making : Make quicker and better decisions to improve efficiency.
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