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FineDocs helps Organizations manage both structured and unstructured content throughout its life cycle, bring and moving it along the respective stages of Creation or Capture, Management, Storage and Delivery to the final stage of its Archival. FineDocs manages the wealth of Documents, Content, Knowledge and Information with Enterprise Class Applications, Tools and Technologies.

FineDocs Enterprise Document Management

FineDocs Enterprise Document Management System has all the essential capabilities to control all your information content. FineDocs Platform is built using Service Oriented Architecture(SOA). It has Industry standard security and provides enterprise-class Scalability, Disaster Recovery and Fault Tolerance to manage and control all your information. FineDocs Platform is a joy to have for the IT Departments as it can be deployed standalone or it can integrate seamlessly with enterprise systems and co-exists with your other Enterprise IT deployments. What you interface is a composite FineDocs environment accessible just through a web browser from anywhere in the world and at any given time.

Why FineDocs ?

What is a cost of not adopting the modern technology that can really make difference? They say business will benefit in the long run. We can tell you, backed by our successful cases and proves, that try our solution and you start seeing the results right away.

Document, Content, People and Process : Capture, Create, Manage, Conserve, Collaborate, Access, Secure, Deliver and Balance Work-Life

Capture : Document, Content, Knowledge, Information, Email, Fax and all other Content Types

Conserve : Document (No Wear and Tear), Reality Space (Storage Space), Operational Cost, Labour and Time

Un-limit : Document Storage, Retention Period and Document Types

Scale : Scale FineDocs from Base to Enterprise and fit the requirements of different sizes organization

Collaborate : Document, Work, Process and People

Optimize : Work Process, Document Access Time and Entire Organization

Deliver : Faster Decision, Right Content on Right Time, Flexibility and Performance

Integrate : With Enterprise Applications ERPs and other Systems to Image-Enable them

Cost : Reduce Cost Sharply, Pay-Per-Use

Ensure : Compliance, Regulation, Security, Risk Management, Business Continuity and Fast Solution Delivery and Customer Satisfaction


FineDocs Capture Applications, Tools and Technologies offers world class features and functionalities and has matchless Capture engines running at its heart. It also supports  distributed environment and delegation of tasks within the environment, which can achieve much faster and precise capture results.

Capture through
a FineScan
a FineDocs Distributed Capture Solution (DCS)
a FineDocs Forms Processing
a FineDocs Auto-Upload Watch
a FineDocs Email Archival
a FineDocs FAX Capture
a FineDocs also integrates easily with content creation applications to ingest the electronic content from Email, Fax Servers, Ms-Office application, CAD application and others.


FineDocs with its composite application environment aggregates all the DMS Components together and makes them available to daily solution users through a web browser, for efficiently managing the documents and content across the enterprise environment.

Classify, Index & Organize : Advanced Classification and Indexing Scheme assists with modern database technologies help you achieve consistent organization and fast retrieval of unstructured content.

Manage Document, Content & Library: Allows you easy and efficient management of content to successfully execute the daily tasks of document management.

Search, Find & Subscribe : You decide! View the easily accessible Document, Content, Folder OR Search them with a Powerful FineDocs Crawler. Subscribe to the information and get the always synchronized up-to-date information on your dashboard.

Configure : A great deal of effort has been put to simplify the most complex task of configuration. As a smart system it lets administrator automate most of administration tasks through configuration.

Audit, Report & Control : Optimum utilization of resources is the primary objective of any organization and FineDocs helps you achieve the same through a robust Dashboard, Audit and Report features that allows managers to keep track of each and every activity with extensive audit of Users, Functions and Business Workflows.


FineDocs has been designed to be collaborative. FineDocs Platform empowers users with excellent collaboration abilities with cross-geography access, multi-user concurrency, collaboration through emails, chat and whiteboard in portal. FineDocs has also got a Dedicated Workflow module with host of features and functionalities that help move documents throughout Work Process and hence making process management more effective, efficient and adoptable to change.

a Sequential and Parallel Routes with Form associated
a Delegation of tasks based on roles
a Automated Business Rules and Document Routing
a Diversion and Escalation mechanism
a Notifications and Alarm


Empowered with the modern technology, now, you can reclaim city-centered costly office spaces and get rid of document warehouses, which cost you dearly. FineDocs DMS supports a secure, controlled and structured storage on Online as well as Offline medium. With Enterprise-Class Scalability and high availability it enables you to simplify storage management, comply with corporate or regulatory mandates, maximize efficiency and minimize cost of deployment and ownership without sacrificing application performance or data protection.

a Storage on Online media - SAN, NAS, RAID Server
a Preserve on long term storage media - Optical Disk, Magnetic Tape, Microfilm
a Multiple Image Server support in distributed environment
a Auto-Archival of Expired Documents
a Archive on Solid-state storage - CD or DVD with Auto-run Search application


FineDocs comes from Acyutah Technologies which is a complete Software Solutions company having its business relations with multiple other industries and domains. This works to our customer's advantage. Experience accumulated over years from our business relations helps us devise great Solutions for you.
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