• Content Management

Content Management
a Streamline business processes and enhance productivity
a Ensure content security and regulatory compliance
a Reduce storage cost and risk

In today’s highly competitive world industries are focusing on efficiency, flexibility and responsiveness of the business processes essential to securing and maintaining market share. Industries have to be customer focused and ensure that they operate on a low cost basis and cater to regulatory compliance as well as Quality procedures as per the Industry standards. But rising costs inside organizations make these objectives difficult to achieve.

FineDocs Enterprise Content Management System enables organizations with the control and flexibility necessary to optimize global operations, resulting in maximized operational efficiency making organizations transparent, more efficient and effective leading to improved customer satisfaction and consistent achievement of compliance.

The Challenges

a Physical Storage & Movement of Files - In any organization, files containing paper move from one business user to another. Managing huge amount of paper documents burns cash. Moreover, Paper files are unprotected from disaster and physical storage leads to unauthorized access
a Information Integration - Information from multiple systems in the organization is needed to take decisions. This is not possible without information being organized, analyzed and contextualized properly
a Turnaround Time - Manual processing leads to errors and delays, and high turn around time.
a Decentralization - Decentralization of Document, Knowledge & Information leads to non-collaborative work environment, which results the overall process failure.

FineDocs Enterprise Content Management

FineDocs delivers Enterprise Content Management solutions that help Industries transform operations enabling them manage the complete information lifecycle and business processes for better decision making. FineDocs is a complete ECM Platform and not merely a Product Suite that simplifies all types of information management from create or capture, organize, share and collaborate on content and manage till retention and archival and enables compliance.


a Improved Process Standardization as per the Industry norms and Flexibility to change processes according to market demand
a Reduction in Business Operating Costs
a Improved collaboration with centralized workspaces in Portal, Chat and Discussion forum enabling organizations work together efficiently
a Reduction in errors while processing
a Faster Turnaround Time
a Ensure Regulatory Compliance
a Improved Information Security and Traceability
a Disaster Management – copy of all records are available in CD/DVD
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