• SharePoint Integration

Organizations across the globe are constantly reinventing themselves to explore new opportunities and overcome challenges. They want to gain Enterprise-Scale capabilities to meet business critical demands ensuring adherence to Compliance and Regulations. Microsoft SharePoint has become one of the fastest growing products in Industries with its wide range of offerings with Portal capabilities, Content Management and Collaboration.

Microsft SharePoint integration with FineDocs enables organizations improve information governance managing huge volume of SharePoint content providing an enterprise solutions on ECM capabilities with seamless access to the business critical content from centralized content repository. FineDocs SharePoint integrated system provides SharePoint users ease of use of document management and workflow from the SharePoint site and they can also leverage the ECM features i.e. workflow with complete document life-cycle management and archival solutions.


Manage Content Centrally

FineDocs SharePoint integration Provides document imaging and archival capabilities from SharePoint sites. Users can easily browse the FineDocs Content repository through SharePoint, with full security enforcement.

Once the business process activities with the document are complete and the document / record are ready to archive, users can send the document to the common repository. Attach retention policy to the records and get ready for Archival. 

a Send document to FineDocs from SharePoint library, removing it physically from SharePoint interface keeping a link to the document to be virtually available through Enterprise Search
a Move complete life-cycle of the SharePoint Document along with the checkout check-in audit history and all versions of the document to FineDocs
a Archive Document types and Metadata to FineDocs

Collaborative Workspace

FineDocs-SharePoint integration is a seamless two-way integration to work on a centralized collaborative workspace providing ease to manage document, content and records. Even after moving documents from SharePoint to FineDocs, SharePoint Users can still work with the content stored in FineDocs.

a Browse and view all Archived documents from SharePoint Interface. Perform all document level operations on retrieved documents with FineDocs security enforcement.
a Browse and view Active FineDocs documents from SharePoint Interface. Active documents are captured directly from FineDocs Components such as FineScan, Office Add-ins, Web based Application etc.

FineDocs Web Parts

FineDocs Web Parts for SharePoint brings FineDocs document management functionality to SharePoint sites.

a Cabinet Administration : Enables to administer SharePoint libraries with FineDocs Cabinet Storage
a Object Browser : Enables to browse FineDocs documents from within SharePoint interface
a Search and Document Viewer : Enables Search and View FineDocs Documents from within SharePoint interface

Single Sign on

SharePoint users are integrated with Active Directory. Single sign on is implemented to access FineDocs Web Parts from SharePoint interface.

All history of user access along with document Management and workflow activities integrated with FineDocs are audited and the complete Audit Trails is available in the system.


Search all SharePoint as well as FineDocs documents from FineDocs centralized repository using SharePoint Search interface.

a FineDocs SharePoint integrated Search provides a powerful search to easily locate the integrated FineDocs content and metadata store
a Presents a unified interface of search retrieval i.e. Searched content from both SharePoint and FineDocs
a Search based on Full Text Content, Document Type, Metadata, Notes, Keywords
a View Documents in the powerful Universal Viewer for all types of Office documents, PDF documents along with all types of images
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