• Capital Projects

Capital Projects
a Fully automated business processes
a Efficient collaboration and faster delivery
a Secured and easy access to up-to-date project information
Engineering and Construction
Utilities, Oil & Gas

FineDocs Enterprise Content Management Solutions for Capital Projects help industries manage large volumes of project content efficiently and enables real-time collaboration with the stakeholders such as project teams, suppliers, contractors and third parties for better decision-making.
Optimize project content and processes with FineDocs Solution to maximize business efficiency, reduce risk and improve security and compliance.

The Challenges

a Managing and storing large volumes of different type of physical documents such as engineering drawings, design documents, contracts, transmittals, inspection reports across multiple sites
a Searching a project document from diverse sources is a very tedious and time-consuming job
a Distributing physical documents across job sites leads to project delays
a Communication with the project team, contractors, suppliers and others outside the boundary is time-consuming and expensive
a Tracking of the current project information in a complex environment is nearly impossible and inaccurate or incomplete information leads to non-conformance during audit

FineDocs ECM for Captial Projects

FineDocs Enterprise Content Management Solution offers a fully integrated document capture and management system with a comprehensive business process management suite that enables organization capture, manage, distribute and archive project documents and streamline approval processes with secured document control, resulting in improved consistency and accuracy across enterprises.
FineDocs also offers integrated solution with its image-enabling capabilities for Integration with SAP, ERP, CAD (CAD Add-ins), Project Management Software and other core applications to improve operational efficiencies and optimize critical business processes.


a Manage information at a secured content repository with controlled document access at greater speed and with greater accuracy
a Timely and Complete information exchange for relationship building and bonding with contractors, clients and suppliers enforcing control over the day-to-day activities
a Easy and Fast access to a single, authoritative information source , reduce downtime, cost overruns and improve operational efficiency
a Fully automated processes across the enterprises accelerate project completion that save time and resources
a Track project progress milestones easily with real-time dashboard and reports
a Improved Compliance with Industry and Government mandated regulations with integrity and security of content with access rights and real time monitoring of activities with appropriate audit control
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